Dachshund White Dachshund Photos
Dachshund Puppy Dachshund Dog

Weight :

Over 11 pounds (4.9 kg) 

Height :

5 - 7 inches (13 - 18 cm)

Life Span :

12 -15 years

Temperament :

Character quite lively, cheerful, brave, careful and confidence. Often make antics, is a happy dog. Easy to train, loyal to the master but wary of foreign people. On the ground or underground work refuse to be cowed or submit, with all the senses well-developed. In outdoor, dachshund hound brave, be full of go and not tired; in the room, it is kind and sensitive, quiet and friendly, playing to the hilarious, declared stranger vigilance.

Colors :

Cream, Black, Red, Tan, Blue, Chocolate, Black & Tan, Chocolate & Cream.


Dachshunds have three different coat types: short-haired, the bristle type, the long-haired, two specifications: standard type and mini type, these two kinds of specifications of all above three kinds of hair type.

Living Conditions :

Good for apartment living. They are fairly active indoors and will do okay without a yard.


Longhaired require daily combing and brushings; wirehaired need professional trimming twice a year, and short-haired require regular rubdown with a damp cloth. This breed is an average shedder.


These are active dogs with surprising stamina; they need to be walked daily. They will also enjoy sessions of play in the park or other safe, open areas. Be careful, however, when pedestrians are about because Dachshunds are more likely to be stepped on than more visible dogs. They should be discouraged from jumping, as they are prone to spinal damage.


The Dachshund in size, corresponding ground also love clean quite. Because of them and little dog peculiar smell, so owners do not frequently as they take a shower, once a month is enough. But grooming work is essential, at least once a week to comb not only can clean the dust on the dog, but also can improve the relationship between the owner and the dog. Dachshund drooping ears content easy to accumulate dirt, parents should pay attention to the dog regularly clean, keep dry, to avoid the occurrence of ear mites and otitis media.