• Dogs Are Our Passion


    We specialize in Dogs and Puppies and it has been our passion for the last 14 years, we are not fly by night operators where we sell you a pup and thats it, our commitment goes more further, we help you take care of your new pup and help your pup adjust to their new surrounding, give us a call anytime and we are right there to help you.
    We breed and sell High Quality pups to our customers, we guarantee honesty and value for money in every transaction we make.

    Do our pups come cheap? No not at all, Quality always come at a price, we always make sure that our customer benefit from their purchase and as a value addition we welcome your calls 24/7 helping you to adjust with your new best friend and with any queries you may have.

    We are not dealers in Dogs and Puppies, we will only sell to end customers to ensure that our puppies have a good and peaceful home to live, if you feel that you can give the puppies what we expect, please feel free to call us

    How can we help you?


    1. - By giving you sound advice on Puppy Care

    2. - Help you by giving you good Quality Pups having highly pedigree of 5 generations
    3. - We have doctors working around the clock in country, this service is given to our valuable customers only
    4. - We can safely transport your puppies to your desired destinations in India via cargo or by Bus transportation

    5. - You can call us 24/7 regarding any issue related to your pets and we will be happy to help you

    * We do not deal in dogs and puppies, we are Breeders and hence you can be sure of getting high quality puppies with good bloodline and genuine breed. We have our own network of Breeders all over India, incase rare cases if we do not have the required breed with us, we source it from our own network of breeders, so you can be rest assured of the quality we provide.
    Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.
    The first day of the rest of our lives
    Dogs enjoy a unique relationship with humans unlike any other domesticated species capable of serving our many whimsical and utilitarian needs.”

    According to Serpell (1995), “dogs are unusual or exceptional in so many different respects,” pointing out they were the first domesticated species creating a “revolutionary change in human affairs.”